About us

From 2013 all your clothes were made by just the two of us, co-owners Gemma & Laura!

Then in 2017 we started to hire a team of girls that worked with us in-house in the UK.

As the demand increased in 2019 we reached out to a friend of ours in Turkey to help us find a manufacturer over there that shared the same values as us. Here we found WESSI. 

They have 40 reputable factories which they work very closely with to provide the best quality pieces designed by us.  

How many staff work for Wessi in total?  28

How many managerial roles are men and how many are women?  3 WOMEN & 4 MEN

How many machinists work for Wessi directly?  -

How many of these are men and how many are women?  -

Do you use a third-party manufacturer? YES

If yes how many? And what are their names? We do not have our own workshop. We make annual agreements with factories and there are 30-40 factories we work with.We care how much they pay attention to human rights, and we choose them accordingly. Many of them are factories that we already know very old. 

How much are your machinists paid per hour? More than the minimum wage set by the Turkish government.

Does pay meet minimum wage for all staff? YES

Does pay meet living wage for all staff?  YES

Do staff have contracts? YES

What other perks if any do staff have? Health insurance,Transportation,Meal Cart.

What are staff working hours per week? 40 hours

How many breaks do staff get in a day? 3

Which country do you source your fabrics from? Turkey

What are the working conditions like for all staff? Very well


We continued to manufacture both in-house and overseas until the end of 2020.

We then made the decision to move all of our manufacturing with WESSI. This way we can provide a more sufficient delivery service to our customers. And we can bring you more new collections on a regular basis! 


Here is one of the lovely ladies that makes all your LTT waistbands :)


We now also work with a small factory in Asia. 



Currently most of our fabrics are made using a polyester - viscose blend. However our last collection was made from 100% cotton. This is something we will be bearing in mind in future collections moving forward.